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The play-offs abolished? Pro League to start a “taboeloze discussion”

74067d9189edd5bb4528140724098fbe - The play-offs abolished? Pro League to start a “taboeloze discussion”

Wednesday begins the Pro League to his homework for the new tv contract. The current, that the professional clubs about 80 million euros per season revenue, expires in 2020. Against like to the professional clubs some of the folds smooth out with a clearly defined product, the negotiations with the rights holders. The first and perhaps most difficult item on the agenda: the competitieformules of the Jupiler Pro League, Proximus League.

The colloquium on the competitieformats part in the preparation for the new tv contract, that from the season 2020-2021 in service must occur. The Pro League wants a “taboeloze discussion” about the Belgian football results, with like-minded souls on the new round of negotiations for a tv contract to begin with.

The main point of contention within the Pro League, the much talked about competitieformats, some of which are among the clubs little consensus. The presidents of the 24 professional clubs and the board members of the Pro League get Wednesday extended the opportunity to about their unsalted opinions.

A competitiehervoming promises to be a work of long breath. Predictions about possible changes to the formats are also premature. “I am asking to soon to make a decision, but it seems to me, is quite something as we have for the end of the season until a common ground can come,” said CEO Pierre François about it.

Current formula, almost no one really delight

What the Jupiler Pro League (1A), it will focus on the play-offs. About Play-off 1 there are divergent opinions. The formula was made in 2009 his entry and had it level and the attractiveness of the Belgian football. Almost eight seasons later, there are voices on to the play-offs to abolish. Also, some clubs or something in an adaptation of the current system, such as the revocation of the puntenhalvering at the end of the regular season. Also about Play-off 2 will be a hearty word of talk. The current formula, almost no one really love it. There is (as good as) nothing more on the game and the interest of the supporters is – except for the three clubs from 1B – scanty.

“Financial graveyard” of 1B

The design of the Proximus League (1B) is undoubtedly referred to. The league with only eight professional clubs is often “a financial graveyard”. Moreover, it seems the current format, with test matches between the first and tweedeperiodekampioen also not just. Last year conquered SK Lierse, or the most points in 1B, the barrages, and so opportunities for promotion were, however, to the Pallieters over. This immediately became the sports problem stems from 1B uncovered.

The hottest issue is perhaps the contraction or expansion of the number of professional clubs. Some compromise and not to the number, but suggest to 1A to reduce in favour of 1B. There would be two competitions should benefit.

Majority of 80 percent

A vote is probably to exclude. If it is to a vote, it is the six largest clubs (AA Gent, Anderlecht, Club Brugge, Genk, Standard and Zulte Waregem) with three votes per club, the heaviest can weigh on the ballot. The ten remaining clubs in 1A each get two votes, the teams from 1B each have one vote. To the current competitieformule to change a majority of 80 percent is required.

A date record for a second round of discussions seems more likely. The management of the Pro League will in the first instance, all the positive elements, concerns and suggestions listing. Thereafter, a first evaluation is made with an eye on workable interfaces. “But the intention is to mainly listen,” says François. “What are the visions, what difficulties have the clubvertegenwoordigers and how can the format be improved?”

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