The hidden agenda of Temptation-seductress Laetitia

a7cbca6288ebbb5faf70c067dbd8dd43 - The hidden agenda of Temptation-seductress Laetitia

Who Temptation Island follows, may think that Laetitia as a block of cases for Mezdi, but nothing is less true. She has but one mission and that is crystal clear.

Laetitia wants to be unreliable men hero and there, she has her own reasons for. That have anything to do with her own past regarding relationships, she says to the Belgian sheet. “I’ve already been through a lot. Look, I go there every time that a boy is well-intentioned. Sometimes I think it’s on my forehead is written: “do you Want someone who you can deceive, then come with me.” The Belgian clean, there is also done. “I’ve been often enough deceived have been. I think it’s my job to that kind of men to unmask.”

To start Mezdi so, in whom they felt that he was an easy victim could have been her enticement. “I’ve got my arrows right at him,” says the 22-year-old about her purpose at All. Whether that mission is successful? That wants the seductress is not yet lost.

For true love has often deceived, Laetitia still respect, the reason that the verleidsters their charms are still not on Tim have released. “When we heard that he are Deborah at the wedding wanted to ask, have we decided to interrupt him. Or he actually has control, it remains to be seen.”

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