The Free-say goodbye to: ‘how it hurts’

06851754984ac398d2965e2b235a6d23 - The Free-say goodbye to: 'how it hurts'

Stefan the Free on Instagram already said goodbye to Lazio Roma. The defender came during contract negotiations with the Roman club.

Stefan the Free

The Free, which, according to Italian media on his way to Internazionale, frustrated by the way he Rome will never leave. “It’s a very tricky period, full of speculations about my future. No one has willed it so. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach an agreement. There are several reasons for it.’

“I understand the disappointment of the Lazio fans and it hurts me to leave. At the same time, I am very happy here and I feel at home. Sometimes we need out of our comfort zone steps to reach our goals. I will … forever be grateful. The club has given me the confidence and the opportunity given, just like the fans. They are always there for me. I have always tried to be myself from my best side to show, and will to the end continue to do so.’

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