Syrian regime responds to ‘Turkish aggression’ in Afrin

58ff1c66825917182aacc424d26d86b9 - Syrian regime responds to ‘Turkish aggression’ in Afrin

Militias that cooperate with the Syrian government on Tuesday in the northern Kurdish enclave of Afrin entered. They do that in a reaction against the aggression of Turkey.

To the Turkish military offensive in the enclave of Afrin to save, the Syrian Kurdish militia (YPG) signed an agreement with the Syrian government forces. There is imminent now a direct confrontation between Syria and Turkey.

In a communiqué, the YPG said it was that the ‘military units’ the Syrian regime ‘positions will take at the border (with Turkey, ed) and participate in the protection of the territorial unity of Syria and its borders”.

Turkey threatened to bring the government troops to attack if they would intervene. Immediately after the manoeuvre of the pro-regeringsmilities are the Turks with bombardment of the area started, reports the Syrian staatspersagentschap Sana.


The Turkish army besieges together with allied Syrian rebels for a few weeks Afrin and the surrounding area. According to the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the YPG a terrorist organization linked to the PKK. Since the offensive began, they have 45 villages taken.

The Syrian regime considers the Turkish intervention as an “outright attack” on its sovereignty.


The military posturing following intense air strikes of the Syrian regime on the rebellengebied in Eastern Ghouta, near the capital, Damascus. In two days time, there are almost 200 deaths. Amnesty International speaks of ‘egregious war crimes’ on ‘large scale’.

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