’Sylvie Meis deserves million with zonnebrillenlijn’

124c9116a6c11aa649df2db1889c60c3 - ’Sylvie Meis deserves million with zonnebrillenlijn’

Sylvie Meis may not be more on tv show on the German RTL, the fashion industry has its not yet been depreciated. It has exactly a lucrative contract for a zonnebrillencampagne. Reports that RTL.

The representative of the zonnebrillenmerk let RTL know why he Sylvie has chosen. “We wanted not just a model, but someone with character. A pair of sunglasses is an important lifestyle-assecoire and it fits in with Sylvie perfectly. She is a businesswoman, model, tv presenter, she does sports, is also the mother, it is, therefore, very authentic.”

Sylvie let know that a pair of sunglasses for her is an important assecoire is in fashion. “I love fashion and enjoy my outfits again and again, and pay attention to detail. A pair of sunglasses is important.”

The names of the sunglasses are tailored to her personality and compliment them with names like Active, Passionate, Classy, Sensual and self-made beautiful in her pocket. As well as the million euro that, according to an expert with a three-year contract for the zonnebrillensamenwerking deserves.

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