SPD members will decide on future Merkel

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The members of the German Socialist party SPD can from today in a referendum to give their opinion about the new government with the CDU of Angela Merkel. The top of the party called for the agreement to approve, but on the basis, there is still resistance.

The 463.723 voting members were given the previous days, a postal voting form and the full coalition agreement in the bus. No later than Friday, march 2, they should use their yes or no-voice transfer. Only after the count on march 4, is permanently fixed or the SPD is willing to do in the ‘groko’, and thus Merkel to a new term, to help.

The SPD hold is traditionally a referendum among the members to decide on the government. In 2013, koos 75 percent of the members who vote for the coalition with CDU/CSU.

It seems that this time there much less support. In a previous congress gave only 56 percent of the persons entitled to vote consent to the government negotiations. And even if they are meanwhile completed, there is still much hampered from the left wing of the party and from the jongerafdeling. They pursue an active campaign to agree to vote against by the members.


The candidate-chairman Andrea Nahles is calling already on order for the coalition to choose. But that base no longer picks up, she has the last few weeks itself felt.

It was after the departure of figurehead Martin Schulz as his favorite successor. But in anticipation of a real election on april 22 refused local departments, its already set up as a temporary chairman. Did the nervousness about the internal opposition to the government formation again flare up.

134 days

The formation of a new government shall be made to German standards sight unseen difficult. An attempt to establish a government without the socialists to form stranded. Only 134 days after the elections, there was an agreement between the CDU and the SPD. If the SPD members still speak up against government, threatening new elections.

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