Samantha Steenwijk is now on the lookout for that one hit

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Samantha Steenwijk is now on the lookout for that one hit

Samantha Steenwijk, the surprise of The Voice 2017-2018./ANP

Interview. Samantha Steenwijk (31) wanted TVOH themselves and the us on the map. That seems to be successful: she has been asked for Holland Sings Hazes. Now that one hit yet.

Okay, it was Saturday morning wake up with a hangover, but that had nothing to do with losing the final of The Voice. Samantha Steenwijk simply had to leave a party. Because even though she was second, participating in the successful tv program felt like a win. “We have the end well celebrated, I lay at half past seven in my bed! I just look back on the program, it was the most beautiful period of my life!”

Laugh at folk music

Samantha decided last year to join The Voice to itself and in the us on the map. It bothered the singer, who is already fifteen years participates in the box, beyond measure that there is always a laugh was done, when folk music went. “If the word people, there is laughing, no idea where that is. In the past it was very normal to go to folk music listening, but at one point it came to a kind of boycott on, and was not rotated. With Andre Hazes jr. and Tino Martin is now better, but there should still be a woman next. That I want to be.”

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Audition she did with I live my life and the lives of André Hazes. A very exciting day. “I was especially scared for Anouk. I thought: let’s say she says: “You’re nice for the pub, but nothing more.’ But she turned just as the first, a fantastic time. Because I knew: when Anouk the good will, the whole of the Netherlands the good. I looked her in her eyes and thought: this is good.”


After a few weeks, as a team, She ended up in Samantha during the Battles in team Miss Montreal. Afterwards a nice move, because the apparently very different Samantha and Sarah proved to be a very good match. “Sarah really is my buddy has become,” says Samantha. “We call each other sister. I thanks her again, a completely different take on folk music. About our duet of the Band, I was sceptical, but it has great extracted. That can in the future still very interesting. I hope that we are able to continue.”

In the final polite Samantha an emotional moment when she said all fifteen years for this moment. About where she wants to go, she says: “Ultimately you want as an artist, that one hit, that is the most important thing. Look at Why Tell Me Why Anita Meijer; that song is 30 years old, but also now singing young people in the nightclubs.”

The first steps to a major breakthrough now. Yesterday it was announced that Tech has been added to the line-up of music Holland Sings Hazes. A highlight, says the singer. “This means a lot to me. I love that family, really! Andre jr. was already know that he will find me there I’m living my own life to sing, while his number is. Amazing, isn’t it?”

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