Rough start for Jan Kooijman’s Dance Around The World

2fc244d2c8dc5c4700bb2530c88b4e0a - Rough start for Jan Kooijman's Dance Around The World

The new NPO-3 program Dance Around The World is Monday night started with 150,000 viewers. The dance and travel with Jan Kooijman and Ish Ait Hamou was not in the list of best viewed programs of the day, as appears from the figures of Foundation for sight examination.

In the first season of Dance Around The World traveling by Jan and Ish to Colombia, Peru, Ukraine, Thailand, Jordan and Ireland. In these countries, teaches the duo the traditional dances of the local people and immerse them in the culture of the country.

The characters, on the Olympic Games attracted a lot of attention. On the 500 meters for the lords agreed to 2 million people and the teamachtervolging in the ladies was by 1.2 million people followed. The NOS Newscast of 20.00 was the best viewed programme of the day with over 2.1 million viewers. The second episode of the new season of Memories knew 799.000 people to captivate. Last week looked at the program, presented by Katje Schuurman, almost a million.

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