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Racing Max Verstappen in 2019, with Honda engines in F1?

026b2b2f965bd586ea51fa1849515a12 - Racing Max Verstappen in 2019, with Honda engines in F1?

Red Bull showed yesterday for the first time its new F1 car, the RB14. There is, however, also already thought about 2019, and it could be that we than Max Verstappen with Honda engines in F1 to see racing.

Toro Rosso, the zusterteam of Red Bull, runs from this year, with engines from Honda. The renstal became involved in a comprehensive deal involving Carlos Sainz made the switch from Toro Rosso to Renault, and in which Renault is no longer motorleverancier of Toro Rosso, but of McLaren.

At the same time will drive Toro Rosso so from this season with Honda engines, this after McLaren, the Japanese are friendly but firmly the door be after the disappointing performance over the past four seasons. Especially the past season was dramatic to call for Alonso and our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne.

Some find it strange that Toro Rosso in the sea wanted to go with Honda. However, it should not be forgotten that Red Bull a few years ago the collaboration with Renault wanted to stop it, and therefore have almost no F1 engine more was to take part. Red Bull returned and was forced back to Renault. However, it was also the last season faced with a Renault engine, which is not always reliable.

Red Bull would then also consider to possibly make the transition to the engines of Honda, all will many, of course, depend on the performance of the Honda engine at zusterteam Toro Rosso. Honda should after the years of problems at McLaren to prove that this year at Toro Rosso, however, a guarantee for reliability and competitiveness.

Anyway, according to Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko by the summer, a decision to be taken.

“We are positively surprised by Honda, also on the level of dedication and enthusiasm,” said Helmut Marko, as opposed to ‘Auto Motor und Sport’. “I think they have learned from the mistakes that have happened.”

“Toto so far is the engine reliable on the test benches. I think for Honda it is possible to counteract the summer, the Renault engine with legs.”

It seems that if this actually happens, that Red Bull then in 2019 the transition from Renault engines to Honda engines and that Max Verstappen with the Honda engine acheterin his F1 car for the world title.

“The regulations have changed and you need to at the summer in terms of what engine you the years thereafter, racing. We will have everything by then to thoroughly analyze and take a decision,” concluded Marko.

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