Police Berlin let tens of thousands of cases are

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BERLIN – The criminal investigation department of Berlin has in recent years, over 55.000 cases, no research may be set by shortages of people and equipment. The figure is from the LKA (Landeskriminalamt) that serious crime has to fight.

German media reported Tuesday that the departments of the criminal police in the German capital paralyzed seem by the overload. When a trace more than a month is not examined, the investigators register that the investigation is stalled. The last year the Berlin police over 128.000 times recorded that an investigation is jammed and that is 47.000 times more often than in 2016.

The main reason given is lack of staff. Just as in the Netherlands, faces the German police with shortages of people and equipment. But according to Benjamin Jendro of the German police union that staff shortages not only by the insufficient recruitment of police officers. Jendro says that the police also more and more people spend on the fight against terrorism and cybercrime.

This is good news for the ‘traditional’ criminals. The LKA-division, for example, that in Berlin is charged with the combating of drug offenders and organised crime, recorded last year more than 20,000 times that of research for more than a month long lay still. In 2016, it did the same department that 3671 times.

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