Nearly a hundred civilians killed in attacks on Syrian rebellengebied

04040c3e3787cb65b5d4c4e5d77648b4 - Nearly a hundred civilians killed in attacks on Syrian rebellengebied

With new air strikes and artilleriebeschietingen on Syrian rebellengebied in Eastern Ghouta, close to Damascus, according to activists certainly 98 citizens for life come. Among them many women and children.

The British ngo Syrian Observatory for human Rights, speaks Monday night also of about 470 injured. The White Helmets, a Syrian relief organization, stated via Twitter that only in an airstrike on residential area in the town of Hammuriya twenty deaths.

The region of Eastern Ghouta is one of the only areas in the civil war-affected country that is still under the control of the rebels. The opponents of the regime are particularly islamists. The area has been for many months besieged by government forces. About 400,000 citizens are by the blockade almost completely closed off from the outside world. Aid workers speak of a dramatic humanitarian situation. It lacks food and medical facilities.

People under the rubble

“Our hospitals are full of wounded and anesthetics and other important medicines are running out,” says a doctor, who just by his first name Mohammed want to be called, to the German press agency DPA. According to him, is from aircraft in residential areas at all shot that moves. Because ambulances and rescue services will not be spared, dying and wounded in the streets and under the rubble.

Activists from the area reported attacks on various locations. The Syrian Observatory for human Rights says that in particular residential areas affected. On images of the White Helmets is to see how victims buried under the rubble. On the recordings, it is also to see how people desperately try to get survivors from beneath the rubble to rescue.

Ground offensive?

Syrian media quoting sources in government circles who say that the attacks are a preparation for a ground offensive in East Ghouta. The past few weeks escalated the violence. However, neither of the parties to make progress. Attempts to make a truce reached in besieged area came to nothing.

The United Nations cried out, in the meantime, on to the bombing to stop immediately. ‘The humanitarian situation of civilians in Eastern Ghouta is completely out of hand, ” says Panos Moumtzis, the UN coordinator for humanitarian aid in Syria. ‘There must be an immediate end to this foolish human suffering.’

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