Musical 40-45 extended to mid-november

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The new spektakelmusical 40-45 about the Second world War has been extended until november 18, 2018, made producer Studio 100 is known. Although the show was only on 7 October in a premiere, is the demand for tickets is great. There are already more than 100,000 tickets were sold.

Studio 100 build specially for the musical in Puurs, south of Antwerp, a pop-uptheaterzaal with eight moving stands by the hall drive and each have their own track to follow. The actors get all the space, because the stage is 70 by 70 meters. In addition to the stands out towers 8 metres high that as a backdrop function. The musical costs, according to Studio 100 but less than 15 million euros, independently of the construction of the theaterloods.

The story of 40-45 plays in Antwerp, where the brothers, Staff and Louis Segers growing up in a close-knit family. The two are hartsvrienden, but then breaks the Second world War. And that has major consequences for the family. “It is a kind of cinematic travel along different locations which are affected by the conflict,” said director Frank Van Laecke earlier. “Everything revolves around the question of what war does to people and what people in those circumstances to certain choices.” The musical is the successor of 14-18 who went on the First world War.

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