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Museum of Fine Arts Ghent gives loans Toporovski back

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The saga about the collection, Toporovski is past. The Museum of Fine Arts Ghent put the loan of Russian avant-garde art stop. The couple Toporovski retrieves the 26 works from the museum.

The examination of the authenticity of the 26 loans, the Russian avant-garde art ends on a sof. Yesterday was the commission of inquiry dissolved minister of culture Sven Gatz had composed. A day later, throws the city of Ghent in the towel.

‘Since the investigation now will not take place, and given the commotion over the authenticity of the work, the museum can this work is no longer exhibiting, ” says the Ghent ships of culture Annelies Storms (SP.A). That is why the city of Ghent the loan agreement terminated.

The loans, since October 20, is part of the new permanent exhibit of the museum. They were discredited when ten international specialists in an open letter in The Standard ‘highly questionable’ called.

The doubts that arose, to continue with this unresolved. ‘We let the question about the authenticity now over to the owner, ” says ships Storms. “It is up to him to see how he continues with the work involved.’

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