Michelle Obama is totally ‘Black Panther’

2e07febdcebed5b4dc21ad082c4fc5ef - Michelle Obama is totally 'Black Panther'

The former American first lady Michelle Obama to smother ‘Black Panther’ Marvel with praise and calls the film an “inspiration” for young people all over the world. They did that last night on Twitter.

‘Black Panther’ made for a remarkable scoop: a large superheldenfilm with a black and largely female cast in the leading roles. The makers of the film have plenty of wagered on diversity and America is going to react overwhelmingly positive. ‘Black Panther’ appeared to be at the opening all in all a real blockbuster. The eighteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), in the US, a staggering 192 million dollars during the opening weekend. The film does at the box office in the meantime, even better than mega-blockbuster ‘Justice League’.

The first big black superheldenfilm got last night also praise of America’s first black first lady, Michelle Obama. They praised ‘Black Panther’ on Twitter, calling the film “an inspiration” and thanked him emphatically, the cast and crew. “Congratulations to the entire #blackpanther team! Thanks to all of you young people will finally have superheroes on the big screen like them. I loved this movie and I know that this people from all backgrounds will be inspired to dig deep and to find the courage to heroes of their own stories,” reads the full tweet.

Obama is not the first celebrity to support the film society. Some of the stars hosted even free impressions to the widest possible audience to the ‘Black Panther’ to lure.

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