Messi has the ‘Chelsea curse’ after blunder

48d1a7938e9a6920e08d8cfee9cc0e34 - Messi has the 'Chelsea curse' after blunder

Chelsea seemed well on the way to Lionel Messi for the ninth time in a row of scoring, but that turned out Tuesday night to much to ask.

Lionel Messi (l) and Andres Iniesta.

Chelsea was the first match in the eighth finals of the Champions League with FC Barcelona after 75 minutes with 1-0, when Andreas Christensen of the fog. The Danish defender decided by the middle to defend and that had Andres Iniesta comprehend. The Spaniard seized the ball and put speed back on Messi. The Argentine wondervoetballer shot in the short corner tap: 1-1.

It was the first goal of Messi against Chelsea. With eight duels without hit the Londoners a record in your hands, but that series has now ended.

With 1-1 also proved to be the end position is reached. William, that is also two times the pole touched, had in the first half for the opening goal taken care of.

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