Kluun going to write under own name

Kluun is now under his own name, Raymond van de Klundert, writing. The bestselling author, who is currently busy with a familieroman, get off after fifteen years of publishing Stage to Lebowski Publishers.

Kluun going to write under own name

“We have in fifteen years all together experienced: six best-selling books, a film, the NS Publieksprijs, two theatre productions and dozens of translations,” says the 53-year-old author. “But for my new novel, I noticed that I was in a different environment. After fifteen years of working with Stage, I felt that I had to take a new step. And a new name. To those of myself.”

In the novel he goes back to Brabant, where he grew up. “The familieroman is on the one hand, an ode to living in the love of the common people, and on the other hand, a search for the foundations of my own character, through my parents and the parents of my parents. It is the most honest book I have ever written.”

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