Jay-Z gives tons of birthday good friend

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Jay-Z gives tons of birthday good friend

Money should roll, should Jay-Z have thought. Photo: REUTERS

What give you your best friends for their birthday? Big chance that you have rapper Jay-Z can’t surpass. For the birthday of one of his best friends he has around 110.000 dollars spent on snacks and drinks.

The birthday of good friend Juan “OG” Perez and managing director of Roc Nation Sports (the sport of his entertainment company Roc Nation), is Jay-Z not just gone. The group of friends began the evening in the restaurant Zuma , and gave according to the New York Post about $ 13,000. Then the group went to the bar Made in Mexico to continue to drink. Jay-Z had almost 9,000 dollar aftikken.

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40 bottles of your own drink

The birthday party ended in a club Playroom. The rapper ordered 40 bottles of champagne brand Ace of Spades, his own drankmerk, mind you. Forty bottles of liquor was perhaps a bit too much for the six friends, so the rest he handed out to all present in the club. One of the bartenders seems to be the account on Snapchat to have shared and that was around $ 80,000. That Jay-Z is a generous giver, it is clearly because he gave even up to 11,000 dollar tip.

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