Japanese man wins lawsuit over custody of thirteen children

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A rich 28-year-old Japanese man, Mitsutoki Shigeta, has Tuesday, the custody acquired thirteen children of surrogate mothers in Thailand. The scandal, that the gray zone uncovered in which surrogate mothers in Thailand to operate, gets a new twist.

Six surrogate mothers came in 2014 in a media storm ended up in Thailand after it was shown that their babies the same Japanese father. It comes to the Japanese son of a wealthy entrepreneur. In total he has 16 women filled. In 2015, he acquired all of the guardianship and custody of three other children.

The mothers lived together with their babies in ‘baby factory’, an apartment that rented by the rich Japanese customer. They were used after the fuss a complaint against the state to their children to get back at the social services were ended.

The court decided otherwise, however, enter. ‘For the welfare of the thirteen children that were born from surrogate mothers ( … ), the court decided that legally the plaintiff is accessories, ” said the juvenile court of Bangkok. The man was over the past few years by Interpol, examined. He was suspected of exploitation, and trafficking. The man himself confesses that he is married just a large family wanted to have.

The market of the surrogate mothers in Thailand came in recent years to development because of a legal loophole. But the scandal around the baby’s did the emotions flare up, and there came a law that the practice prohibited for foreigners. Not only the scandal about the children of the Japanese did in the past years created a buzz of attention. An Australian couple caused in the same period, also a lot of fuss when they have their baby with down’s syndrome were just left behind with the Thai surrogate mother.

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