Hilary Duff deeply touched by death of dog

7c698c07649a511943307b6fbc7a3b5f - Hilary Duff deeply touched by death of dog

Hilary Duff has Monday to say goodbye to her dog Dubois. The actress wrote on Instagram a comprehensive afscheidsbericht to her faithful four-legged friend.

“I have myself always stop me to imagine how this day would look like and would feel. It was us together. And we were invincible. Today I had in your beautiful eyes and you say goodbye,” writes Hilary. “Thank you for my best friend. You was with me in painful times, happiness, confusion, and disappointment. I have spent the past ten years no step was taken without you by my side.”

The bond between Hilary and Dubois was so strong that the actress writes have to be afraid to go without her dog. “But I have every confidence in you, my angel. I will you every day of my life to miss. You were such a dog that you but one time. And I got you. You have my life changed forever. I see you on the other side of the rainbow.”

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