Gordon has the first copy of the biography

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Gordon has the first copy of his biography. The presenter received the book at no party or champagne from the hands of an employee of the publishing house, as he demonstrates in a video on Instagram. “I don’t need no party, nothing,” said Gordon.

The biography of Gordon is starting next week Wednesday in the shop. To celebrate the release a bit to celebrate he is doing a book signing, in the night of 27 to 28 February at a bookstore in Amsterdam-Noord. “The Febo two doors away is open so there are all tasty snacks, and there is also champagne! So come along to celebrate,” said Gordon.

The book speaks to Gordon about his cocaine use, as was already previously clear. “But believe me, the book is so much more than that excesses have to be mentioned. It is the story of my life, and that was not always filled with pure joy and fun,” he said earlier.

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