Frontex: illegal migrants in EU

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BRUSSELS – The European border agency Frontex has last year 204.700 illegal migrants have registered that the EU knew to come inside. That is a decrease of 60 percent compared to 2016, according to the annual figures.

According to Frontex executive director Fabrice Leggero is the migration flow has decreased but the number of illegal migrants is still higher than for 2014. In that year broke the migratiecrisis. Therefor knew between the 72.000 to 141.000 people annually in the EU without valid papers to reach.

The Turkijedeal the EU in 2016 closed to the migratory flow across the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea to reduce it, seems to work. Succeeded in 2016, more than 180,000 people in it Greece, last year there were more than 42,000. The route from Libya continues to be the busiest. Increasingly try and migrants from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia to the EU.

With the return policy does not so well succeed. There were last year, 151.400 migrants successfully returned to their homeland, but that is almost 14 percent less than in 2016.

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