Florence and the Machine brings this year’s fourth album

883923aa115b95ca22149a800a74b4a3 - Florence and the Machine brings this year's fourth album

The British indie rock band Florence and the Machine, will release a new album. The fourth album from the group for a long time already expected, but entertainmentmagazine NME message today on behalf of Virgin Records, the album definitely still in 2018 will appear.

Since the release of their acclaimed third album ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ in 2015 waiting fans impatiently on the fourth album from Florence Welch and her band. Up until now appeared every two or three years a new album – ‘Lungs’ was released in 2009, followed by ‘Ceremonials’ in 2011, and finally, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ in 2015. A next album in 2018, so? Over that year has long been speculated, but the boss of record label Virgin Records released today security.

In a message on the website of Virgin says CEO Ted Cockle that the label “looks forward to great new music from Florence + The Machine, Blossoms, Chvrches, James Bay and Shawn Mendes” in 2018.

On the internet appeared the past few months already here and there indications that it is indeed 2018 would be, even though there was still no certainty about it. The website of the Polish Orange Warsaw Festival, where the band will be on June 2 plays, speculated recently that album number four in 2018 will be released, adding that fans even before the summer to hear will get.

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