Filip Peeters in ‘Spider in the Web’

163644ad12c5960b9caed232bb99eb8a - Filip Peeters in 'Spider in the Web'

Filip Peeters can prepare for a role in “Spider in the Web’, a thriller where Monica Belucci and “oscar” Italian Ben Kingsley are also part of the cast. The 55-year-old actor looks in The Latest News ahead on this adventure.

“Monica is a divine lady, but I sincerely hope that it will click as colleagues,” laughs the actor in the newspaper. “I find it very, very fine now with Monica and Am allowed to work. But eventually even ordinary people, hey. In daily life, Monica is also a parent who has her children to school. As I do so.”

About two weeks to get the various actors together for the first time on the set. “Then I hope to teach them to know and a little to know what people really are. Exciting, I look forward to it. It starts to itch. What I especially hope is that Monica is a cool lady and Am a nice pee.”

For Peeters is again an international production to his resume. He acted in several German and French films and tv series, most recently in the BBC series ‘The Missing’ and a Norwegian thrillerreeks ‘Occupied’.

“Spider in the Web’ is a thriller based on true facts. Peeters plays the role of a special agent. The recording will take place in our country and for a small part in the Netherlands.

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