Fergie: “I took artistic risk”

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Fergie has admitted that her quirky version of the American national anthem, not on the same level. The singer sang the song live for the start of the NBA All-Star Game, but it went not so good.

“I took a risk,” admits Fergie to TMZ. “I took it as an honor to the American national anthem to sing. Last night, I wanted to be, therefore, something special to try. I take an artistic point of view like a risk, but this execution did not come across as I had intended. I love the United States and to be honest, I did my best.”

The singer chose a fairly long jazzversie of The Star-Spangled Banner. On social media, its performance heavily burned and also the players during the song in the picture came to lay their doubts to have about the gig in the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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