Elsa Pataky catches snake in her bathroom

0d9995448edee8a8b4d059f687ec85ea - Elsa Pataky catches snake in her bathroom

The actress lives with her husband Chris Hemsworth in Australia.

Elsa Pataky, actress and wife of Chris Hemsworth, has an unexpected visitor from her bathroom, fished. It was a large snake. On a video on the internet is to see how they snake captures. “That is how we here catch. As a professional,” she says in the video.

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth left the United States in 2016 in Australia to establish. The couple wanted to get away from Hollywood.

“I love my job as an actor, but it must be stifling work,” said Chris Hemsworth at the magazine Modern Luxury. “We lived right next to our neighbours in the suburbs and that we found not the way to teach our children to grow.”

Life in Australia like Chris and Elsa very much. They have the space, living in the nature and Australia is a perfect country to raise children, will find the acteurskoppel.

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