Dutch lawyer indicted in Russiagate

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WASHINGTON UPDATE – The special prosecutor for Russiagate, Robert Mueller, has a Dutchman accused. It is going to be a lawyer, Alex van der Zwaan.

Van der Zwaan (left), on a picture that his employer online. Right: Robert Mueller.

According to American media, it is expected that Van der Zwaan later today during his appearance in court will confess that he told the FBI has lied about his contacts with his Rick Gates, the business partner of Trumps former campaigner, Paul Manafort. That last one is some time back already sued by Mueller. Van der Zwaan would further e-mails to which Mueller and his team had demanded, withheld or deleted.

This is clear from an accusation of Robert Mueller against Van der Zwaan that Tuesday is published.

Van der Zwaan worked until 2017 at the law firm of Skadden in London and is married to Eva Khan, the daughter of the Ukrainian-Russian billionaire German Khan. He would be the son of a Russian mother and according to the website of Skadden, he speaks Russian and English.

Van der Zwaan would be in november 2017 a false statement to have made about his work for the government of Ukraine.

The lawyer helped the government of Ukraine in 2012 with the drafting of a report in which the prosecution and conviction of former premier Yulia Tymoshenko largely defended. EU and the US ruled at the time that it is mainly to be politically motivated charges.

According to data from the British Chamber of Commerce is Van der Zwaan Dutch. The defendant is around 19: 30 hours Dutch time the court expected.

According to data from the British Chamber of Commerce is Van der Zwaan Dutch.

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