Donald Trump is, according to Ruby Wax no vrouwenhater

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The American president Donald Trump often get the reproach that he misogyne traits, but according to journalist Ruby Wax, he does not hate women.

“He is not a vrouwenhater, he argues pragmatic, opportunistic and selfish,” says Wax in a recent interview in the Belgian magazine Humo.

“He sees the women as well as the whole society and the whole humanity as something that is to his service and to purchase.”

Wax and Trump met in the mid-nineties for a program of the BBC. “He was also open about his intentions: even richer and more powerful and women possess. Maybe he tried to use me to shock. But I don’t think he is who he is. Do not forget, that is the man that the Miss USA contest, bought it and boldly said, ” Is there anything better than beautiful women possess and thereby earn money?'”

Good luck

The 64-year-old Wax has recently a new book was released. In humans, a guide explores the American how it is possible that evolution is not the immediate goal seems to have made us happy.

“It may be the evolution’t care so much whether we are happy and balanced or not. That can be better.”



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