Dj Afrojack promotes new song with flash mob

b1bb2229cf20046e83450dac8494e782 - Dj Afrojack promotes new song with flash mob

Dj Afrojack yesterday, in the Rotterdam Central station, passers-by surprised with a live performance of his new song ‘Bed of Roses’ on Valentine’s day came out.

Curious bystanders gathered in the cold station hall around the piano to suddenly musicians, dancers and break dancers for a flashmob to see perform. The shooting crowd seemed cold even to have forgotten. Afrojack himself walked around and handed out red roses.

On the question of whether he himself is also such a romantic at heart, responded Nick van de Wall, somewhat reluctant: “A little bit, occasionally. If the right person there is”. The dj has to say to busy with work and does not like personal questions.

On september 8, occurs Afrojack in Ahoy Rotterdam. He is “proud to have his own thing to do”.

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