‘Die every year 2.6 million babies before they are a month old’

d6a1f525f974f454480ac620f2883d44 - ‘Die every year 2.6 million babies before they are a month old’

Not every child gets the same start in life. That shows yet again from a report on infant mortality of Unicef, the children’s Fund of the United Nations. Children born in Japan, Iceland and Singapore have the greatest chance of survival. Borelingen in Pakistan, the Central African Republic and Afghanistan have the largest chance to die before they are a month old.

Eight of the ten least favorable places to be in the world to come, are in the Sub-Sahara. Pakistan holds the little enviable first place, with an infant mortality rate of 1 in 22. Afterwards, the Central African Republic (1 in 24) and Afghanistan (1 in 25). Places 4 to 7 are occupied by Somalia, Lesotho, Guinea-Bissau and South Sudan, where the infant mortality rate 1 in 26, respectively. On the eighth place is the Ivory coast (1 in 27). The top 10 is closed by Mali and Chad, with a sterftegraad in newborns of 1 to 28.

Belgium is on the 164ste place, with an infant mortality rate of 1 in 455.

Million babies die on day of birth

“In the last quarter century, we have the number of deaths in children younger than five years could halve, but we do not have the same progress in children younger than 1 month”, says Henriette Fore, executive director of Unicef. ‘Since the majority of these deaths can be prevented, we’ll fail in the world’s poorest babies. Die every year worldwide, 2.6 million babies before they are a month old. A million of them die on the birthday.’

More than 80 percent of deaths in infants is due to premature birth, complications during birth, or infections. By a shortage of well-trained health professionals and midwives get thousands of people not the much-needed support to survive.

Care dare to ask

Unicef wants to change that with its campaign Every Child ALIVE. The organization not only requires more trained medical staff, but also access to drugs and medical facilities for expectant mothers. In addition, advocates Unicef for the ‘empowerment’ of girls and mothers, so that they have the care to which they are entitled, dare to ask and get.

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