Di-rect on the road to Pyeongchang

a10ad730630cc0dcbd5dfa1cf98bc634 - Di-rect on the road to Pyeongchang

The musicians of Di-rect are on the road to Pyeongchang in South Korea in the hope that they had a number of olympic ceremonies, it may experience.

“Off to Pyeongchang!”, report to the members on social media. Also from the cockpit is tweets: “Pilot ready, Spike ready, Guitar ready, Off we go!”

Di-rect is after Roel van Velzen and André Hazes the third house band of the Holland Heineken House. Di-rect performed earlier on in the supportershome, namely in Rio de Janeiro. “That action is really crazy. Together with the athletes and the fans, we the orange feeling again to a climax. It is great to see how not only the music but also sportsuccessen people to connect with each other,” say the musicians.

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