‘Death toll Syrian rebellenbolwerk increases to 250’

09279d926d6bc5012a89f883d7dc5409 - 'Death toll Syrian rebellenbolwerk increases to 250'

DAMASCUS – The continued shelling and bombing of the Syrian rebellenenclave Eastern Ghouta have Tuesday claimed the lives of 106 people. It reports the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for human Rights, that relies on local resources.

The United Nations and aid groups save the alarm on the humanitarian situation in the area.

In total, since Sunday night 250 deaths in the rebellenenclave, according to the observatory. Certainly 850 people would be injured. The rebellenbolwerk, which is east of Damascus, is controlled under heavy fire by government forces. They lay siege to the area with hundreds of thousands of residents since 2013.

The United Nations and aid groups save the alarm on the humanitarian situation in the area. Warns Save the Children that thousands of families in danger of exclusion. ,,Local workers tell you about 4100 families that are hiding in a network of underground cellars and shelters.”

Local partners of Save the Children report that four hospitals have been affected by bombing. Also homes were not spared. ,,Some people are by the force of the explosions from their homes blown from the second or third floor. There are women and children from their homes were flying and on the ground ended up, with broken bones,” says a worker at the organization.

International sound criticism of the bloody attacks. There is a conscious shot at populated areas and civilian infrastructure, ruled the French ministry of Foreign Affairs. That talks about ,,a serious violation of international law.” Also UN coordinator Panos Moumtzis condemned the attacks on hospitals.

The Syrian authorities are pointing an accusing finger at the rebels in Eastern Ghouta. They use the inhabitants as living shields”, complained the Syrian ministry of Foreign Affairs. The state message that is in Damascus six killed and 28 injured by mortierbeschietingen of the rebels.

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