Christopher Nolan closes out that he is next ‘James Bond’ director

06446a6eb2255ca0aa21ff708dc28a64 - Christopher Nolan closes out that he is next 'James Bond' director

From ‘Inception’ to the ‘Dark Knight’trilogy Christopher Nolans work was often influenced by the ‘James Bond’franchise, so it is no wonder that the director often is tipped to be a 007-film directing. But Nolan has now categoriek denied that he is the upcoming and 25th Bond film would be directing. That report filmmagazine Empire Online.

On BBC Radio 4 said Nolan: “I will not be the man. No, categoriek. Each time they have a new director take do there are rumours about me round, I think.”

Nolan connect a future as a Bond-director, however, not completely out. “I would love to be ever a Bond film and I guess the producers – Barbara [Broccoli] and Michael [Wilson] – it’s great to do, and Sam Mendes has the the last few movies, done a fantastic job, so they have me not really necessary. But I was always inspired by the movies, and it would be nice to ever one.

The film is still in the early stages of development. Actor Daniel Craig is coming back as James Bond, probably for the last time. A director, the title, and the supporting cast have yet to be announced.

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