Cheryl: it’s going good between me and Liam

fbda8c12f070d9152c0408b83967cc8b - Cheryl: it's going good between me and Liam

Cheryl has all the rumors about an upcoming break-up between her and Liam Payne in the head printed. At a meeting of its foundation in Newcastle, she said Tuesday that there was nothing going on. “It goes well with us,” she replied to the question, or how they went.

Also Liam broke Tuesday, that silence and responded on Instagram with a picture of Cheryl, to which she paused to consider her charitable work. “Very proud of you”, wrote the former One Direction singer. “Amazing how you have the time to do this.”

British media reported earlier this week that the relationship between Cheryl and Liam to a thread hung. The 24-year-old Liam would be with lawyers have spoken about what a rupture between him and the ten-year-old Cheryl for the consequences. The two are not married, but have since march last year a child together.

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