Blac Chyna to the police leaked sekstape

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A types of xxx sex of Blac Chyna and an unknown man Monday surfaced on the internet. The model has, according to her lawyer contact recorded with the police.

Compared to TMZ declares the counsel that it is going to be a “criminal act”, as Chyna not consent to dissemination of the images. On Instagram the lawyer further in the case. “We need to change culture in which women are abused and attacked. Why do we think that it is acceptable to sell, publish, exact revenge or women to blackmail? Men, we have to be better. I am tired of my clients telling that they better not videos, because men they later public. That’s like I say to them that they have no short skirts are allowed to wear, because it makes men tempt them to rape.”

It is the second time in a short time that Chyna has to deal with the leak of intimate images. Last year, threatened her ex Rob Kardashian to sue, after he has nude photos of her had shared on social media.

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