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Animals, amazon or Luk Alloo

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The Antwerp Zoo exists 175 years, Phara De Aguirre portrays women in armed struggle and Luk Alloo makes a portrait of his father-in-law.

1. Long live the Zoo!

One 20.40-21.15 hours

The Antwerp zoo is 175 years old and that should be celebrated. With a six-part documentary about the history of the zoo, made by Arnout Hauben. If there but no battle is.

2. Amazon

Canvas 21.15-22.10 pm

Phara De Aguirre portrays three weeks women who are in conflict to the weapons grab. To conflict zones indicates they are not on the VRT-news, but in Palestine, Kurdistan and Colombia.

3. Alloo in

VTM 21.40-22.45 hours

We are three episodes deep in the series of portraits that Luk Alloo of interesting people, and the inspiration is already on. Alloo turn then but a chat with his father-in-law Arthur Blanckaert, who come clean that the first idea for his stage name not Will Tura was, but James Blanca. The first idea for the artist name of his son-in-law was allegedly Dirk Alloo.

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