Also Henk Westbroek joins Worst Driver

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The field of The Worst Driver Of the Netherlands is known. This season, the well-known Dutch people who are behind the wheel on the circuit.

Henk Westbroek

Henk Westbroek has fifteen years ago, only his driver’s license removed. Or, as his daughter Chrissie says: “his licence got”. Henk will drive out of principle, not backwards and lose what might be the summary. Chrissie has her father stated, and his co-driver.

Realityster Michella Kox suffers from a significant form of rijangst, and dare, for example, the highway not on. Her co-driver is good friend Leslie Keijzer, known for Gooische Girls. Concentrate-host Bobbie Bodt do with JayJay Boske as co-driver. Temptation Island-star Shady is specified by good friend Koen Kardashian.

Earlier it was announced that Former sesame street actress Gerda Havertong and former Dolly Dots-singers, Anita Heilker, Esther Oosterbeek participate in the program. Havertong runs together with her daughter, Zulema.

The vip edition of The Worst Driver of the Netherlands starts next Tuesday on RTL 5, with John Williams as a presenter and rijschoolhoudster Patricia Nijman and Tim and Tom Coronel as members of the jury.

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