Also Heather Graham accuses Horovitz

20e539a8e603b824577207fab7f5e3c6 - Also Heather Graham accuses Horovitz

The actress went with the son of the playwright when she was a teenager.

Heather Graham is the tenth woman Israel Horovitz accused of sexual misconduct. That happened after her relationship broke with the son of the playwright, Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz.

In a podcast told Heather on Monday that she had something with Adam when she was 18 or 19 years old. After they had separated, and made the actress audition for a play by Adam’s father Israel. After he pressed her, according to Heather in an elevator against a wall and shoved his tongue in my mouth.”

In an article from The New York Times last november, told the nine women that Horovitz them sexually abused, ranging from unwanted kissing to rape. Two of the victims were sixteen years old when the alleged abuse took place. Among the accusers from that article was yet another childhood love of Adam.

The Beastie Boy singer, also known as Ad-Rock, gave, at the time, immediately a statement to the newspaper. “I believe that the accusations about my father are true, and I stand behind the women that they have expressed”, showed the 51-year-old musician know. His father had to know the “other reminders” in the meetings with the women.

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