Agüero is looking for a quarrel with veldbestormer

683191227bd25cca24dd2420e1468c7f - Agüero is looking for a quarrel with veldbestormer

After the surprising bekerzege Monday laagvlieger Wigan Athletic at Manchester City stormed Wigan supporters in the field. Sergio Agüero was clearly not amused and touched clashed with a supporter.

Teammates and players from Wigan had Agüero against itself in protection take, and kept him in check. Ultimately assisted the assistant coach Mikel Arteta excited and asked to the dressing room. Also the supporters of Manchester were quick to respond. They threw all sorts of stuff in the direction of the police. Including a billboard.

During the rest walked tempers already high on. Manager Pep Guardiola of the City, and his colleague Paul Cook of Wigan were in the tunnel with each other to the pole.

Cultheld Will Grigg was the marksman. He shot to Manchester City, to head in the Premier League, the English cup.


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