Wreckage Iranian plane found

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TEHRAN – The wreckage of a crashed Iranian airliner with 66 people on board, Monday in the snow-capped mountains found. It was the second day of the search for the ATR-72 plane that Sunday morning in bad weather in the southwest of Iran crashed.

An improvement in the weather meant that helicopters and drones about the extremely mountainous area were able to fly, which is about a hundred peaks employs over 4000 metres. But the weather forecasts indicate that the snow storm around noon will return, according to Iranian media.

The unit of Aseman Airlines, a twin-engine turboprop, is used for regional korteafstandsvluchten. It was on the way from the capital Tehran to the southwestern city of Yasuj and crashed on mount Dena, in the Zagros mountains, about 390 kilometers south of the capital.

The plane disappeared 50 minutes after takeoff from the airport of Mehrabad from the radar screens.

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