Woman sentenced to death for terrorism

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BAGHDAD/AMMAN – An Iraqi court has a woman condemned to death and eleven others to life imprisonment due to terrorism and membership of the terreurbeweging Islamic State (IS). The condemned woman is a Turkish. One, a woman from Azerbaijan, are all condemned Turkish, reported the news channel al-Jazeera.

The death penalty is by hanging was carried out. However, it is still possible to appeal, let the judge know. The women are between twenty and fifty years old, and according to defenders by their men are deceived. It is according to al-Jazeera for twelve widows of IS-fighters. They were arrested in the city of Mosul and the west located in Tel Afar.

IS is a post of sunni extremists with roots in the west of Iraq. IS embroidered on on the other groups of jihadists and popped up four years ago for the first time as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

The caliphate

The movement succeeded in large parts of Iraq and Syria to topics. They called the area where the reign of terror, IS up to in the past year was established ’the caliphate’. That is perished by the hands of about twenty countries and a series of ethnic or political militias such as that of Syrian Kurds.

The military intervention of Russia since september 2015, is also decisive in the civil war in Syria.

A Jordanian newspaper reported on Monday that a residue IS located in the west of Iraq wants to regroup. A leader, Abu Yehia al-Iraqi, would be there in Wadi al-Hawran, in the sparsely populated ’woestijnprovincie’ al-Anbar west of Baghdad.

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