Watch season 2 of the HBO series ‘Looking’ now at the Movies & Series Pass

945bc446a97618084d1599f0451281f7 - Watch season 2 of the HBO series ‘Looking’ now at the Movies & Series Pass

With the Movies & Series Pass Proximus TV you can now watch the second season of the HBO series ‘Looking’, about the lives of three gay friends in San Francisco.

Three friends in San Francisco explore in this dramedy the exciting and sometimes surprising possibilities for a new generation of gays. Although their friendship binds them, is each of them is at a very different point in his life.

Patrick is a 29-year-old game designer who starts dating now his ex fiancé with another. Emerging artist Agustín is 31 years old and unsure whether he’s ready to be monogamous, while he is about to go live with his friend. The 39-year-old Cathedral is the oldest of the three. He struggles with the fact that middle age is approaching, while he still as a waiter works and plenty of unfulfilled childhood dreams cherishes.

In the cast you can also see Jonathan Groff (who is now on Netflix, the work can be seen in MINDHUNTER), Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Bartlett.

A fun series with a lot of drama and fine acting. The series was received positively by the viewers, but after two seasons, nevertheless it is stopped.

‘Looking’ is to watch the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

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