Viewers of Salamander murmur

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Outstanding score in the ratings from last week: The One-series Salamander sputterde what with 960.000 viewers. Of course, this is not a bad score, but the big zondagavondreeksen of A pick tend to be more. Over the last few weeks was the series with Filip Peeters constantly above the million. Nevertheless, should One not at all panic. The series gets a lot of deferred viewers. The first episodes were, therefore, eventually return to about 1.350.000 viewers, nearly 100.000 less than the first volume. However, there is also some comments of viewers. Is the story bad? Absolutely not. But the whole fuss around diamonds and a fictional country (Kitangi) is a too-far-from-my-bed-show. The last time was the series on a kluizenroof in the Brussels region.

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