UN boss wants rules for cyberoorlogen

05fd2e611ad9571f2d86402f90f17800 - UN boss wants rules for cyberoorlogen

LISBON – The secretary general of the United Nations calls for international agreements on cyber-warfare between countries. It is, according to the UN boss António Guterres unclear whether existing treaties have something to say about such conflicts.

Guterres said during a speech in Lisbon convinced that the next war does not begin with “artilleriebeschietingen or air raids”, but with “a massive cyber attack.” That is, according to the UN boss presumably not only directed against military targets, but can also, for example, the electricity supply is down.

The secretary-general proposed that the United Nations can help in discussions between involved parties, such as, for example, scientists and governments. They would rules need to prepare to guarantee that the conflicts in which information technology plays a role, a “more humane character”.

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