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TVOH-finalist Samantha Steenwijk in the line-up Holland Sings Hazes

a01fd18ea25a76bca770e6e206df00b7 - TVOH-finalist Samantha Steenwijk in the line-up Holland Sings Hazes

Volkszangeres Samantha Steenwijk is added to the line-up of Holland Sings Hazes 2018. Last Friday, she was second in the eighth season of The Voice of Holland.

A year ago, Samantha Steenwijk her career a boost by auditioning for The Voice of Holland. Although the talent is not won, its still a dream. “What’s happening now, it surpasses all my dreams. I was not only in the final, but, may also join with Holland Sings Hazes,” says Steenwijk.

Holland Sings Hazes

The Hague singer performs during Holland Sings Hazes on 14, 15, 20 and 21 april in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. She thus stands between artists such as André and Roxeanne Hazes, Danny de Munk, Jeroen van der Boom, Glennis Grace, Jamai, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Lisa Boray, Barry Hay, Peter Beense and Xander de Buisonjé.

The Voice

Steenwijk did to The Voice to audition with the song I live my life and the lives of André Hazes. What Hazes-number them in the Ziggo Dome is going to sing, does not know yet. “All of his songs are good. It makes me not wanting to leave what song I should sing, or with whom I may go to sing, I find it all fantastic.”

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