Trump put door ajar for stricter weapons law

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Washington – Us president Donald Trump supports efforts to people who own a gun want to buy a better monitor. That has spokesperson Sarah Sanders of the White House Monday to let us know in a comment on the shooting at a school in Florida. It fell last week, 17 dead.

According to Sanders has Trump talked to the leading Republican senator John Cornyn, who last year was working on a proposal for stricter background checks. That happened after there in november last year, 26 people were shot to death in a church in Texas by a man already once convicted for domestic violence.

The offender had at the time, never a firearm can buy if that data nationwide were registered. The proposal by Cornyn, that nota bene was supported by the powerful gun lobby NRA, found no passage in the U.s. Congress.

The American president is currently under fire because he is after the shooting in Florida until now with no word repte about stricter wapenwetten. The call for stricter laws sounds in the US, however, still louder. Hundreds of people went on the streets on Saturday to purchase weapons in the United States must be more difficult.

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