Trump on Oprah: ‘I hope that comes to mind, then I can beat you’

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Donald Trump looked interested when Oprah Winfrey, 60 Minutes on CBS a number of voters interviewed. The president took afterwards to her on Twitter, and called her to be a candidate.

Trump was not talking about the tv performance of Oprah. “I looked to a very uncertain Oprah’, tweette Trump. “I knew her very well, but her questions were biased and the facts are not correct”. Trump hopes that she is a candidate at the next presidential elections in the United States, ‘so that I can beat like all others’.

The rumor mill about a candidacy of the well-known actress and tv personality is running at full capacity since its ‘presidential speech’ at the Golden Globes early this year. She was the first black woman to be the Cecil B. DeMille trophy, an award. Oprah honored in her speech to the #metoo-movement, and received a standing ovation from the elite of the Us tv and film industry. The rest of the world followed, because #Oprah2020 and #oprahforpresident were immediately trending on social media.

No president

It has been repeatedly cited that they are not interested to be the president, because that is not in my DNA’. “I am still confident and very aware of what I can and what not. The presidency is something I don’t, ” said Winfrey in the magazine InStyle.

Her entourage think they should do. “That decides the people’, allowed her partner, Stadham Graham, know in the wings of the Golden Globes. ‘They would certainly do so.’ Two close friends reported anonymously to CNN that Oprah months a possible candidacy considering

Trump is certainly that he might defeat. Just after the Golden Globes was his tone even softer, when he said that the very fine could come against her.

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