Trump is open for stricter wapencontroles

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The Us president, Donald Trump, has said that he supports is for the control system to wapenvergunningen to grant, to improve.

Trump has, after the deadly shooting in Florida in which 17 dead and 14 injured, let them know to be open to stricter wapencontroles. During a conversation with Republican senator John Cornyn let he know that he initiatives supporting the federal system that monitors who has a gun licence can get, to improve. Reports that a spokesperson of the White House on news channel CNN.

Initially, Trump in a statement to know that the shooting in Florida, the united states had to turn on ‘the difficult issue of mental health’. He had earlier on Twitter said that the shooter’s mental problems. In his statement repte Trump is not about weapons or arms legislation. He was also not a question about stricter wapencontroles.

Trump enjoyed during his election campaign the support of the National Rifle Association and was against any restriction of gun ownership.

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