Trump challenges Oprah from

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WASHINGTON – Oprah Winfrey has Sunday night 60 Minutes on CBS, a panel of voters interviewed. An attentive viewer was Donald Trump, via Twitter uithaalde to the famous presenter, who would consider to be a candidate for the presidential election in 2020. “I hope you do it, then defeat you, I like all the others,” said Trump.

Sunday evening, Oprah in the news programme 60 Minutes on the American tv station CBS a group of voters from Michigan and interviewed about their voting behaviour. Half acknowledged for Trump and voted to have, and half said that not to have done it.

Very attentive was the American president himself, so he made via Twitter clear. “I just have a uncertain Oprah Winfrey, that I ever very well have known, seen,” he writes. “The questions were biased, the facts are not correct. Hopefully it allows Oprah is a candidate for the elections, her lies to be made public and can I destroy it like all the others.”

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