Topdokters overcome nature

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In episode 3 of Topdokters we learn professor Stefaan Nijs know, specialized surgeon in the trauma center of university hospitals of Leuven. For the broad audience he is perhaps not unknown, because during the attacks in Brussels on 22 march 2016 the surgical procedures and coordinating of many of the victims who were hit. He operates the victims of small and large accidents.

In episode 3 a man is a matter of urgency, brought in after a fall from height of four metres. Prof. Nijs decision a total bodyscan to take to see what parts of their body are touched.

Ob / gyn prof. Lewi (UZ Leuven) gets a woman in control who is 28 weeks pregnant with triplets. The chance of a premature birth is large, but the babies are still not fully grown.

And we make the first acquaintance with prof. Van Cutsem (UZ Leuven), digestive oncologist and specialized in the combating of stomach-, intestine-, liver -and pancreatic cancer. He gets an 84 – year old lady in for a consultation, which is a worrying situation much emaciated. He decides to output.

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