Titles of Thomas Peter R., flirting, and a monk

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Titles of Thomas Peter R., flirting, and a monk

To the Friday write writer Thomas Heerma van Voss on this site about newly published books. What he noticed, what he remembered, what hit him. And what deserves your attention.

Gerard Spong & Peter R. De Vries – PS This is confidential

This is the kind of book a handy editor is devised: two personalities, strong opinions, a year long they write each other weekly letter, cover around it and sell it. But unfortunately: PS This is confidential is primarily a wijdlopige and meaningless correspondence. For any somewhat compelling insight – and which are true also in this nearly four hundred pages – you can safely in nine of uninteresting passages check. The biggest problem is that the simple writing Peter R. De Vries and the more archaic and stylistically better Jump mainly. They have little different views, explain to each other, except for some from their own box, then put good questions to the correspondence to keep alive. And yes, sometimes they say suddenly something openhartigs (usually in the category of: I want to know this?) or something called ‘tussen ons gezegd en gezwegen’ – but it clearly shows: that is schijnintimiteit. This correspondence is for an audience, not because the two is truly something to each other, and wanted to get rid of.

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Dave Eggers – The Monk of Mocha

It sounds quite absurd, yet it is all true: an American koffiehandelaar with Yemeni roots comes from nothing, ended up in a bloody civil war. Everywhere grenades and blockades, no sight of escape. It just happened to Mokhtar Alkhanshali, who after years of slogging his dream hunts to be as idealistic koffiehandelaar to Yemen to go: not only are familiegrond, also the place where coffee five hundred years ago was ‘invented’. In this non-fiction book is Mokhtars personal history interspersed with the history of coffee – that sounds rather boring, but let something like this feel free to the acclaimed American author Dave Eggers. As we are used from him are he describes it all tight and maybe a tad dry, but above all accessible. And as they are of him, are accustomed to deliver the committed, not to pushy non-fiction that reads like a powerful novel. Impressive.

Laura King – The flirtcursus

Typical feelgoodnovels are rare – that alone makes The flirtcursus a remarkable edition. The book shines in every respect fun. Optimism even. Sunny cover, smooth writing, short, scenic chapters that are not time heavy. And that while the hoofdpersone Ted had not got. Her man shows to her horror an affair to which she and her two children and without money on themselves are going to live. With her best friend and fitgirl Soraya – also single – decision she flirtcursus for men, which was actually a success. Inevitably appear thus new men in His own life. What follows in this debut from the Dutch by Laura King is sometimes a bit caricatural, sometimes repetitive and explicit, but there is such a contagious tempo that I automatically read. Not a book during reading lounges long-term analysis, a book for a few evenings amused to disappear.

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